Imperial Treasury, Vienna, Austria

The three Founders of the Austrian Society: 

Wolfgang Klien, Maria Kendall & Peter Horvath and Ambros Hoffmann

Hiking Coordinator

Marie-France Ganansia

Marie Morgan

Webdesign + Maintenance

Fritz Schmoll

2024 Board of Directors

Ambros Hoffman, President  | Paul Aslaber, Vice President

Margarita Hoffman, Director  |  Maria Kendall, Director Emerita | Wolfgang Klien, Vice President Emerita

Edouard de Fresart, Director   |   Josef Haas, Director

Ingrid Appelt, Director / Secretary / Editor

Ingrid Honzak, Director / Treasurer

Association Charter

The Austrian Society of Arizona is a non-profit organization, incorporated under the laws of the state of Arizona, that provides a forum to enjoy, celebrate, preserve and enhance the general public awareness of Austrian and European culture. 

We accomplish our mission by organizing a broad portfolio of social events ranging from gatherings with educational presentations, to potluck parties, picnics, hiking, and cultural events. We encourage the study of the German language via scholarships to students. 

Membership is for anyone interested in Austrian-German-European art and culture and our social events.

Friendship / Freundschaft